Rebekah Jacob services a highly-individualized, client-oriented approach to art investment. Holding the ideals of trust and friendship, as well as 20 years of art industry acumen in fine art and photography of the South & Latin America, our team of specialists guide seasoned and burgeoning collectors alike, with both market-savvy advice and personalized, confidential consultation.

Rebekah Jacob acts as a buyer’s broker, providing unbiased advice keyed exclusively to the client’s interest and budget, in order to develop a dynamic and lucrative collection of fine art & photography. We offer unparalleled access to highly sought after fine art (sourced from our vast network of domestic and international artists, dealers and auction houses). We proceed from the premise that the right piece will bear qualitative and quantitative dimensions, and we labor to find only those works of art that both enable the daily pleasure of living with art, and are poised for solid future growth and long-term investment. 

Most importantly, we see each project—large or small—as a partnership. Collectors—private buyers, corporations, institutions, funds, trusts and collectives—find works that accommodate a broad range of objectives. From aesthetic taste, to spatial requirements, to financial ambitions, we painstakingly sift the market and find offerings from the international art market at large, for the strongest opportunities suited for each client 


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